Calls with mum

The day began viewing an instagram post
from a wonderful and gracious host
who asked me ‘what’s your Friday ritual?’
which I described with a visual:
A lukewarm lemon drink
A kiss and a wink
followed by a phone call with mum
which felt like a kitchen sink!

Mums and daughters are allies and rivals
there is abundant love, yet fights trivial
when mum said ‘Obey’
this daughter retorted ‘Nay’
Then a slew of words followed
much to our dismay

Over a phone call
we both tumbled and fell
It was a petty brawl
and our self pride did swell

An emotion within me wanted to hug
with tenderness and warmth,
something that looked like a bug
My heart began to tug
but mum pulled off the rug!

Bang! she slammed down the phone
All I heard was a hung-up monotone…
A conversation had gone waste
ending in very poor taste.

I reflected upon this moment
‘Did I cause the torment?’
‘It takes two to tango’, said a voice
‘Bil, but YOU always had a choice!’

I couldn’t undo what had happened
between us we shared the same passion
It was unnecessary – this clout!
A complete waste of energies, no doubt.

I said a little prayer
which she couldn’t hear
Shed a tiny rivulet like tear
for her despair and I not near

So I decided that from this moment on
I will try switching on
my choice to not fight
and to curtail the urge to prove my might

Choice is going to be my resolve
onward ho! I intend to absolve
ourselves, when we decide to speak next
because at this moment mum is vexed!


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